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Fitler Square Improvement Association, Inc.
23rd and Pine Streets
PO Box 7709 Philadelphia, PA 19101
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Fitler Square
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Welcome to Philadelphia's Fitler Square, justly prized as a gem among Philadelphia's neighborhood parks. Built and dedicated more than a century ago, this inviting half-acre park is between 23 and 24th Streets, at Pine Street. The Fitler Square Neighborhood is an easy walk from the city's most lively commercial areas, yet remains thoroughly residential.

The Square provides the site for annual seasonal events and activities, including the Spring Fair, the Easter Egg Hunt, the Halloween Party, and the Holiday Tree Lighting. Fitler Square is maintained with the help of Philadelphia's Department of Parks and Recreation. The Association supplies annual plantings as well as contracts for services that include lawn mowing and tree and shrub care, gardening, and trash cleanup.

The buildings that surround Fitler Square rarely stand more than four stories tall, and the surrounding tree-lined streets form a continuation of the Square as an urban oasis of tall shade trees and well-tended gardens. An addition to the natural beauty of the Square is the collection of animal sculptures commissioned by the Fitler Square Improvement Association. Dominating the center of the Square stands an ornate Victorian-era fountain that flows most of the year.

Though rich in history and lively with commerce, it's the human charm of the Square and its neighborhood that seduces visitors and enchants residents. A blend of neighborliness and intimate community combined with a cosmopolitan urbanity, all set near the heart of a major American metropolis, Fitler Square provides an environment unmatched by any suburban development, and affords a rich, exciting diversity that elicits and sustains the passionate loyalty of its neighbors.

Fitler Square Improvement Association
Board of Directors

Pat Henningsen

Gemina Gianino
Vice President

Cathy Nino
Corresponding Secretary

Sharon Ross
Recording Secretary

Amy Riley

Cliff Eyler

George Malcomson

Gene Rudolph

Jim Kenkelen

  • Marlene Blume
  • Amanda Cooperman
  • Phil Frank
  • Monica Fread
  • Lenore Millhollen
  • Maria Obropta
  • Robin Parke
  • Mark Willie
  • Judy Zimering