SPRING, 2005

The Fitler Square Improvement Association is pleased to announce our 43rd annual Spring Fair, to be held Friday, May 6th and Saturday, May 7th. The hours both days are 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM-ish (or whenever the food or our energy runs out, whichever comes first.) Come join your friends and neighbors and celebrate Spring, the neighborhood, and our Park.
The Improvement Association has over 400 members who contribute both membership fees and time in order to maintain and improve Fitler Square through a partnership with the City of Philadelphia Recreation Department. The Square is now 109 years old. All proceeds from the Fair support the ongoing maintenance of the Victorian-style park.
The Fair will feature activities for the children and some special surprises this year. We hope to have a giant slide, and PFCU (Philadelphia Federal Credit Union) is sponsoring a balloon man. If you would like to help with children's activities for either Friday or Saturday, please contact Anita Hruby at 732-5665.

We hope to add another new feature this year when, in conjunction with our antique dealers, we are inviting local crafters to participate. There should be an infusion of new items to buy. If you are interested in renting space, please e-mail Cliff Eyler at

Inside the Park will be our White Elephant Booth, always full of treasures, and the Book Booth, which has been expanded to included a DVD/CD/VHS tape section. Our Children's Booth will be full of gently used clothing and toys. We encourage you go give freely of your no-longer needed books, "elephants" and children's outgrown clothing and toys. Please call or e-mail the chairperson of the booth with any questions.
Due to a shortage of storage space, we ask that you bring your donations to the appropriate booth on Friday morning. Of course, donations will also be accepted on Saturday morning as well. Some White Elephant items can be picked up ahead of time.
If you need annuals for your window boxes, pots or planters, perennials or herbs for your garden, or some great Mother's Day gift plants, we're sure you'll get what you need at the Flower Booth.

Our Raffle gets better every year with Patti Fox at the helm with the help of George Rhodes. (See list below of the 2004 contributors). Patti is always looking for new and different items.
Also don't forget our Fitler Square logo items. We have hats, note pads, T-shirts and cards.
Every year our Cake Booth showcases the best of our neighborhood bakers. We were very lucky last year in that we had two new volunteers, Dorothy Kenney and Lucy Askey , who stocked the booth with the best pies, cakes, and cookies ever! Donations for our bake sale are most welcome and can also be dropped off either day.
Enjoy an al fresco lunch at one of the Square's picturesque umbrella-topped tables. We hope to have Bacchus participate again this year, and also add some of our local talent. We could really use help in this area. If you are interested, please contact Marlene Blume.
Musical entertainment will be provided on Friday by the Philadelphia School A Capella Choir (4 PM), and on Saturday by City Lights, a String Band group. We are also looking for surprise musical entertainment on Saturday afternoon. If you have any ideas contact Judy Zimering at ezimering111223@, especially if you are in a band.
One of the most important details is clean-up on Saturday late afternoon or Sunday morning. Many thanks to Jim Kenkelen for his always tireless efforts in cleaning up after most
of the volunteers have run out of energy.
We'd like to ask for a portion of your time to help us man a booth one or both days. Please contact the chairperson of the booth for which you are interested in volunteering and they will work out the details with you. "Floating" volunteers are also welcome; we'll put you to work where we need you. We can plan everything but the weather, but rain or shine, we thank the many volunteers for all your energy in making the Fair a success year after year.

Chairmen: Judy Zimering and George Malcomson
Bake Booth:
Book Booth: Mark and Missy Willie 735-8365
Children's Booth: Margaret Tobin, 545-5677
Kid's Games: Anita Hruby, 732-565 5
Flowers: Pat Henningsen, 732-8942
Food: Marlene Blume, 732-8727
Hot Dogs: Lolla LaGreca and George Gould, 732-2612
Raffle: Patti Fox and George Rhodes, 985-1792
Fitler Square Logo Booth: Connie Williams and Lenore Millhollen, 735-8365
White Elephant Booth: Cathy Nino & Judy Zimering, 735-2577
Craft/Antique Vendors: Phil Frank and Cliff Eyler, 790-9604
Clean-up: Jim Kenkelen , 731-9608

Please patronize the following businesses which generously supported the 2004 Fair through donations and contributions of supplies: (list incomplete)

Barry Leonard,Crimper,18th & Chestnut Chris' Corner, 20th & Pine
Bicycle Therapy 2211 South Street D'Angelo's Rest., 256 South 20th st
Café Lutecia 23rd & Lombard Day by Day, 21st & Sansom
Paul's Pizza, 272 South 20th Rim's Cleaners,2204 South street
Phoebe's BBQ, 2214 South Street George Rhodes, Chiropractor
Dimitri's, 23rd & Pine Doobie's, 22nd & Lombard
Friday,Saturday,Sunday, 21st & Rittenhouse The General Store, 260 South 20th
Giant Steps Picture Framing, 229 South 20th Giovanni & Pileggi, 1701 Walnut
Gusto Pizzeria 240 South 22nd Julius Scissor, 2045 Locust
Sweat Gym, Walnut at 24th L2 Restaurant, 22nd & South
Mama Palma's, 23rd & Spruce Moore Brothers Wine Co.
My Thai, 22nd & South Pure Florist, 500 South 22nd
Rittenhouse Sq. Fitness Club Rittenhouse Hardware, 20th & Pine
Sabra Video, 22nd Street Seafood Unlimited,270 South 20th

Twice praised by Philadelphia Magazine as the "best neighborhood park" in the City, Fitler Square continues William Penn's vision of creating a "greene countrie towne" in his new city of Philadelphia. The half-acre pocket park is home to a wide variety of trees and flowering shrubs.
The Fitler Square Improvement Association was created in 1962 to maintain and enhance Fitler Square. The Association is a group of neighborhood volunteers committed to maintain and improve Fitler Square with funds raised by the organization.

George Malcomson, Chairman
Judy Romano Zimering, President
Patti Fox, Vice-President
Marlene Blume, Treasurer
Cathy Nino, Secretary
PhilFrank&CliffEyler,Membership Eugene Rudolph, Parliamentarian

We plan a general spruce-up of the Square on Saturday, April 30th, from 10 to 12 noon, the weekend before the Fair and we need your help.
It's always nice to have some planting before the Fair. Last year we planted 150 geraniums around the fountain.

MEETING WITH CAPTAIN DENNIS CULLEN Commanding Officer of the 9th Police Unit
At our annual general membership meeting in October, most members were there to share their concern over the growing population of homeless people that occupied the Park over the Summer. Jim Kenkelen arranged for Captain Cullen to meet with the Board and address the members's concerns. He was genuinely concerned over our plight, but the 9th District has a very large population of homeless people, and his response basically was that as long as the people are not loud, lewd or publicly drinking, there is no law against sitting in a public park in Philadelphia. He did say, though, if there were enough nuisance calls to 9-1-1, the police would try to make it as uncomfortable a place for them to stay as possible. Please do not hesitate to call 9-1-1 if you see anyone suspicious or doing anything unlawful in the Park. He had the telephone rolls from our area for the past three months, and there was only a few calls and none of them concerning the Park.

Philadelphia Police, 9th District - 215-686-3090
Philadelphia Police, 17th District - 215-686-3170

If you are a member of Fitler Square Improvement Association you are eligible to join the Philadelphia Federal Credit Union. For membership information, log on to or call 215-934-3500.

Please come to the Fair on May 6 and 7. Even better would be to help at the Fair. If you'd like to help staff one of our booths please indicate so on this form and return it to:
Judy Zimering
2209 Panama Street
Philadelphia, PA 19103
e-mail: ezimering111223


FITLER SQUARE RULES: (And I mean it!) Let's face it, most of us have lived in other sections of the City and we all know that our neighborhood is the loveliest, with the friendliest neighbors committed to living in the City. We all appreciate walking home from work on Friday, snaking our way through the lines of cars trying to make their 45-minute commute to the suburbs, where, once they get home, are too tired to go out again. We have been very busy at FSIA, maintaining the park and looking for ways for our members to enjoy our Square. Here are some of the improvements we have made over the past year:
1. In order to try to improve the grassy areas, we undertook a much-needed pruning of all the trees. ($7,150)
2. We repaired all the bricks that had been pushed up, due to the large tree roots under them, in the areas around the gated trees. We also had the brick contractor repair the peripheral sidewalk on Pine Street. As most of you remember, these were very dangerous conditions and we felt they were priorities. ($6,200)
3. Our lampposts were repaired and put on a central system. ($3.400)
4. Our fountain was leaking and needed repair. ($345)
5. We undertook a seasonal contract with a landscape contractor to mow the lawn and clean up the gardens. ($2,085)
6. We also have a snow removal contract, which has been very successful so far. ( $500. per snow)
(Many of us remember years where you couldn't walk through the Park after a snow).
7. We have been very lucky to find an excellent caretaker, Millie Kelly, who is conscientious and reliable ! ($3,200)
8. We repaired the marble base for the bear statue. ($750)
9. Our Holiday events have been very successful and lots of fun, especially for the children in our neighborhood. ($1,625)
a. In 2004,our Easter Egg Hunt had about 60 to 75 children collecting over 500 eggs. There were special baskets and prizes won, as well. This year's Easter Egg Hunt is scheduled for Sunday, March 20, at 2 pm SHARP, for ages 6 months to 6 years.
b. Our Christmas Tree Lighting was a lovely event this year. The weather was perfect; Dr George Rhodes and Friends played our favorite carols, and the children really enjoyed the jingle bells and glo-lite necklaces we handed out. Many thanks to Bill Morlok, Howard Trauger, Mark Willie and George Malcomson for performing the treacherous task of decorating our tree on top of the shed, and Chris Henningsen for helping Santa Claus.
c. Our new event this year was a Halloween Pumpkin Hunt, mirroring our Easter Egg Hunt ,which was co-sponsored by the Philadelphia Federal Credit Union. We had more people than expected, but it was 60 degrees and Halloween was on a Sunday. It was a great starting place for the trick-or-treaters, and the kids hunted for pumpkins, ate pizza, and played with Moola, the Philadelphia Credit Union mascot.
Our Board is a volunteer organization made up of neighbors that have families, most are employed full time, and try to do the best we can to use your dollars to make the Park the "Philadelphia Gem" it's been called. Thank you for your support.

Sincerely, Judy Zimering

Please come to the Fair May 6 and 7. Even better would be to help at the Fair. If you'd like to help staff one of our booths please indicate so on this form and return this half to:
Judy Zimering
2209 Panama Street
Philadelphia, PA 19103
-or- e-mail:

Phone _____________________
___________________________ Raffle
__ Bake Booth
__ Books
__ Food
__ Kids's Activities
__ Flowers
__ Children's Booth
__ Roving volunteer
__ Clean-up

Dates and times available___________________


This membership reminder is being provided on an "invoice" separate from the newsletter itself. If you intend to contribute this year, please file it with your bills so you don't lose it and forget. The FSIA's donation now runs from May 1 through April 30.
The organization has two primary sources of funds: revenue from the Spring Fair and the membership contributions from its concerned neighbors; so thank you in advance for contributing. Please make your check payable to FITLER SQUARE IMPROVEMENT ASSOCIATION and return this half of the page to:
340 South 24th Street
Philadelphia, PA 19103

Membership categories:
Individual....................$ 20
Family........................$ 25
Business......................$ 50

Enclosed is $_______

Renewal _______
New Member _______

Name _________________________

Thank you!

Fitler Square Improvement Association, Inc
340 S. 24th Street.
Philadelphia, PA 19103