SPRING, 2006

Easter Egg Hunt
Sunday, April 9 at 300 pm sharp! raindate: Sat. April 15 at 10:00am

Earth Day/ Spring Planting
Saturday, April 22 at 10:00 am

Spring Fair
The Fitler Square Improvement Association is pleased to announce our 44th annual Spring Fair, to be held Friday, May 12th and Saturday, May 13th. The hours both days are 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM-ish (or whenever the food or our energy runs out, whichever comes first.) Come join your friends and neighbors and celebrate Spring, the neighborhood, and our Park.

The Improvement Association has over 400 members whose contributions help to maintain and improve Fitler Square through a partnership with the City Recreation Department. The Square is now 110 years old. All proceeds from the Fair support the ongoing maintenance of our Victorian-style park.

The Fair will feature activities for the children and some special surprises this year. We hope to have a moon bounce again and other kid-friendly activities. If you would like to help with children's activities for Friday or Saturday, please contact Anita Hruby at 732-5665.

In addition to our antique dealers, we are inviting local crafters to participate. We hope some will join us, so that we can have a variety of things for you to enjoy. If you are interested in renting space, please e-mail Cliff Eyler at

Inside the Park will be the booths where ALL of the profits support Fitler Square. Our White Elephant Booth, always full of treasures, and the Book Booth, which has been expanded to included a DVD/CD/VHS tape section will be back and as popular as ever.

Our Children's Booth will be full of gently used clothing and toys. We encourage you to give freely of your no-longer needed books, "elephants" and children's outgrown clothing and toys. Please call or e-mail the chairperson of the booth with any questions.

Due to a shortage of storage space, we ask that you bring your donations to the appropriate booth on Friday morning. Of course, donations will also be accepted on Saturday morning as well. Some White Elephant items can be picked up ahead of time.

If you need annuals for your window boxes, pots or planters, perennials or herbs for your garden, or some great Mother's Day gift plants, we're sure you'll get what you need at the Flower Booth.

Our Raffle gets better every year; this year Judy Zimering is chairing the booth. (See list below of the 2005 contributors). Judy will be looking for new and different items.
Every year our Cake Booth showcases the best of our neighborhood bakers. We were very lucky last year in that we had two great volunteers, Dorothy Kenney and Lucy Askey , who stocked the booth with the best pies, cakes, and cookies ever! Donations for our bake sale are most welcome and can also be dropped off either day.

Enjoy an al fresco lunch at one of the Square's picturesque umbrella-topped tables. Some new food choices are being discussed for this year as well as old favorites; we could really use help in this area. If you are interested, please contact Patty Fox at 985-1792 (

Musical entertainment will be provided on Friday by the Philadelphia School A Capella Choir (4 PM), and on Saturday by City Lights, a String Band group. We are also looking for surprise musical entertainment on Saturday afternoon. If you have any ideas contact Judy Zimering 546-3644 (, especially if you are in a band.

One of the most important details is clean-up on Saturday late afternoon and Sunday morning. Many thanks to Jim Kenkelen for his always tireless efforts in cleaning up after most of the volunteers have run out of energy.

We'd like to ask for a portion of your time to help us one or both days. Please contact the chairperson of the booth for which you are interested in volunteering and they will work out the details with you. "Floating" volunteers are also welcome; we'll put you to work where we need you. We can plan everything but the weather, but rain or shine, we thank the many volunteers for all your energy in making the Fair a success year after year.

Chairs: Judy Zimering ( and George Malcomson 732-1611
Bake Booth: Dorothy Kenney 875-3332
Book Booth: Mark and Missy Willie 735-8365
Children's Booth: Margaret Tobin, 545-5677
Kid's Games: Anita Hruby, 732-565 5
Flowers: Pat Henningsen, 732-8942 985-1792
Raffle: Judy Zimering 546-3644, (
Fitler Sq. Logo Booth: Connie Williams 732-3211 & Lenore Millhollen,732-0624
White Elephant Booth: Cathy Nino 735-2577 (
Craft/Antique Vendors: Phil Frank and Cliff Eyler, 790-9604
Clean-up: Jim Kenkelen 731-9608 (

Please patronize the following businesses that generously supported the 2005 Fair (list incomplete)
Avanda Florist, Bicycle Therapy, Café Lutecia, Chris' Corner, D'Angelo's, Day by Day, Dimitri's, Doobie's, Elite Bicycle, Famulus Books, Friday,Saturday,Sunday, Giiovanni & Pileggi, Gusto Pizzeria, Julius Scissor, SWEAT GYM, L2 Restaurant, Mama Palma's, Metropolitan Bakery, Moore Brothers Wine Co., My Thai, Pure Florist, George Rhodes-Chiropractor, Rim's Cleaners, Rittenhouse Square Fitness Club, Rittenhouse Hardware, Sabra Video, Seafood Unlimited, Sophisticated Seconds, Spa Vie, Tuscany Café, Vivid Hair Salon, Windowbox Flowers, Woven Treasures

Twice praised by Philadelphia Magazine as the "best neighborhood park" in the City, Fitler Square continues William Penn's vision of creating a "greene countrie towne" in his new city of Philadelphia. The half-acre pocket park is home to a wide variety of trees and flowering shrubs. The square is now 110 years old and needs constant care. The Fitler Square Improvement Association was created in 1962 to maintain and enhance Fitler Square. The Association is a group of neighborhood volunteers committed to maintain and improve Fitler Square with funds raised by the organization.

George Malcomson, Chairman
Judy Romano Zimering, President
Patti Fox, Vice-President
Marlene Blume, Treasurer
Cathy Nino, Secretary
Phil Frank&Cliff Eyler,Membership
Eugene Rudolph, Parliamentarian


This year our annual spring clean-up and planting day in Fitler Square falls on Earth Day which is being celebrated in parks across the city. The event is called "SPRING INTO YOUR PARK" and will be held on Saturday, April 22nd from 10:00 to 2:00. We need volunteers to plant annuals around the fountain and in other areas of the park. Please join us - rain or shine - we will be there with flowers waiting.
We are all concerned about the growing population of homeless people that congregate in the Park. Please call 9-1-1 if anyone is loud, lewd, drinking or using drugs. The police will try to make it as uncomfortable a place for them to stay as possible.
Please do not hesitate to call 9-1-1 or, if you have assess to the internet, use the following information:Philadelphia Police have a" Roll Call Complaint" web site. This can be used to report chronic neighborhood problems; the complaints are read during police roll calls for fifteen days. These are non-emergency issues, but are issues that patrolling officers should be aware of when making their rounds.

Dogs are not permitted on the grass in Fitler Square. Dog urine and feces are a hazard to the many children who play in the park and it kills our grass. We are having new trees planted and grass areas reseeded this spring and want to give them every chance to survive. Please ask your neighbors to take their dogs to the Schuylkill River Park dog run. Thank you.
Municipal code 10-104
Municipal code 10-105


We are planting two new trees this year: a Princeton Elm donated by a neighbor in honor of her mother and a
Franklinia in commemoration of Ben Franklin's 300th birthday. More information on both trees will be available on the day of the Fair.

Greetings, neighbors and friends. It is that time of the year when we on the Fitler Square Improvement Association Board of Directors turn our attention and energy to our annual Spring Fair. It is our biggest fundraiser and our best FUNraiser. Remember the dates: Friday and Saturday, May 13 and 14.
In addition to the Spring Fair, we are also excited about our upcoming EASTER EGG HUNT scheduled for Sunday, April 9 at 3:00 pm sharp! (raindate Saturday, April 15 at 10:00 sharp!), for children ages 18 months to 7 years old. We spread 500 plastic eggs filled with surprises across the lawn, separated into age groups. It's a wonderful event and a good way to ring in the new season!
We have added a billboard to the shed that will serve as a reminder for upcoming events and also a reminder of how refreshing it is to have a small town feeling in the middle of a big city that our little square brings to us.
We are always looking for ways to improve the square, but we NEED YOUR HELP, and I am not just referring to financially. Please encourage our neighbors with dogs to use the dog run an mere two blocks away at 25th and Spruce Sts., and to keep their dogs on the paths as they cut through the square. Please keep pets off the grass. Also, many neighbors are using Fitler Square as their daily household trash disposal. This is unpleasant not to mention unsanitary and illegal. The City does NOT provide daily trash removal. We have grounds keepers two days a week who must bag the trash. Let's all work together to curtail this practice, and if you see people abusing our park, you may want to mention that it is a violation of a City ordinance.
The following is a list of improvements we have made over the past year:
Flowers around the fountain_____________________________________________________$540
Electrical work, including a new motion sensor light behind the shed____________________$870
Marble base of the bear statue___________________________________________________$600
Plumbing maintenance_________________________________________________________$660
Fencing and light posts painted_________________________________________________$4,000
Snow removal_______________________________________________________________$2,000
Garden maintenance, including trash removal_____________________________________$3,400
Special holiday events________________________________________________________$2,600
Tree maintenance, including tree removal________________________________________$10,250
Newsletter, insurance, permits, fees, etc .________________________________________$2,670

As you can see, there is always work that needs to be done, and we are always looking for energetic new board members. To be eligible we ask that you volunteer and work both days of the Fair for at least two years. We are a volunteer organization made up of neighbors that have families, many are employed full time, and try to do the best we can to use your dollars wisely to make our Park the best that it can be. Thanks for all your support.
Sincerely, Judy Zimering

Please come to the Fair May 12 & 13. Even better would be to help at the Fair. If you'd like to help staff one of our booths please indicate so on this form and return this half to:
Judy Zimering
2209 Panama Street
Philadelphia, PA 19103
-or e-mail:

Phone _____________________

__ Raffle
__ Bake Booth
__ Books
__ Food
__ Kids's Activities
__ Flowers
__ Children's Booth
__ Roving volunteer
__ Clean-up Dates and times available___________________
Thank you!

This membership reminder is being provided on an "invoice" separate from the newsletter itself. If you intend to contribute this year, please file it with your bills so you don't lose it and forget. The FSIA's donation now runs from May 1 through April 30.
The organization has two primary sources of funds: revenue from the Spring Fair and the membership contributions from its concerned neighbors; so thank you in advance for contributing. Please make your check payable to
FITLER SQUARE IMPROVEMENT ASSOCIATION and return this half of the page to:
400 South Croskey Street
Philadelphia, PA 19146

Membership categories:
Individual....................$ 20
Family........................$ 25
Business......................$ 50

Enclosed is $___________
Renewal _____
New Member _____

Name _______________________________________________________



Thank you!

Fitler Square Improvement Association, Inc
400 South Croskey Street.
Philadelphia, PA 19146