Fitler Square Improvement Association Newsletter

Fall 2007

Dear Friends and Neighbors,
After a wonderful summer full of lovely weather, we at Fitler Square are preparing for the fall/winter season in the park. As I run into many of my neighbors and members in the local cafes and shops, I am frequently asked the same questions and so I thought I would answer them generally in this newsletter for those of you who I have not encountered.

How was this year's Fair?
An awesome success. We raised over $15,000 this year in gross proceeds, a new record.  Unfortunately, our expenses were higher than most years due to the purchase of new tents, children's games (previously rented) and other incidentals, but it was still a great event. After 30 years our old yellow and orange tents were finally retired, and the new white tents gave the Fair a fresher look and feel. The weather also cooperated 100 percent, which as most of you know, is rare. Many thanks to our major sponsors, Philadelphia Federal Credit Union, Weichert Realtors, and Lolly LaGreca of Prudential Fox Roach, and to the local businesses and individuals who contributed to our Raffle. (List to follow). For some great photos of the Fair, check out our website at ., courtesy of Board member Roxanne Rawson.

What happened to the trash cans?
One night when we left the park they were there; the next morning four of the cans were gone and two were spaced on either side of the shed. It still remains a mystery, although we believe the Streets Department unilaterally removed them and stationed new cans on certain street corners. But this new arrangement has worked out well for the park. We have always had an issue with inconsiderate neighbors who dump household trash in our receptacles, and since there are less cans we have had less problems with trash.

Why are there huge bags of trash dumped on the corner of 23rd and Panama?
This unfortunately is a problem I have been trying to solve most of the summer. Apparently, some rogue city workers chose this location as a depository for trash picked up at other sites. I have been in contact with the Fairmount Park and the Recreation Department, and have been assured this is not a designated trash pickup nor is it approved. If any neighbor does see this occurring, please get the license number of the vehicle and notify me at .

Why are there so many homeless people in the park again?
We have had a quiet summer, all things considered, but there seems to be again an influx of homeless people sleeping and urinating in the park. We have been over this with the Captain of the 9th Police District many times. Anyone is permitted to SIT in the park. However, if you see anyone drinking, sleeping, using foul language, urinating, all of that is against the law and the police may be called.

When is our General Meeting?
Our general meeting open to all members is Tuesday, October 16 at 7 p.m. at the home of  Patty Fox, 410 South Van Pelt Street. If you have not paid your dues you may do so by downloading the form on and mailing it to the address indicated, 400 South Croskey Street, 19146.

Why don't we receive e-mails about upcoming events?
We are currently updating our database. If you know of any neighbor who has not received this newsletter, please pass it on to them. They should e-mail their address to Amy Riley, our Board member who has volunteered to undertake this daunting task, at .

What else is happening in the Square?
Please mark your calendars for:

the Halloween Pumpkin Hunt on Sunday, October 28 at 3 PM.  (NOTE: There is no rain date)

the Christmas Tree Lighting on Sunday, December 16th at 5 pm.

We hope to see you then, and in the meantime, please help us take care of our park and enjoy the wonderful fall weather in Fitler Square, our neighborhood "gem".

Warmest regards,
Judy Romano Zimering