Fitler Square

Fitler Square Improvement Association, Inc.
23rd and Pine Streets
PO Box 7709 Philadelphia, PA 19101
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Thank you to our members

We greatly appreciate all the individuals and families who support the Fitler Square Improvement Association through their annual membership dues. These dues provide an important source of income that helps us improve and maintain Fitler Square. We would not be able to realize our mission without you.

Businesses that support Fitler Square

Financial Supporters

Partners and Neighbors

Fitler Square is maintained as a public private partnership between the Fitler Square Improvement Association and the Philadelphia Department of Parks and Recreation.

Parks and Recreation

Special Thanks to
Spring Fair Sponsors

  • Children's Hospital of Philadelphia
  • Penn Medicine
  • Philadelphia Federal Credit Union

Consistent supporters
of our Spring Fair

  • 7-Eleven Market
  • Bacchus Market & Catering
  • Café Lutecia
  • Doobies
  • Giovanni & Pileggi
  • Good Karma Café
  • Gusto Pizzeria
  • Metropolitan Bakery
  • Moore Brothers Wine Company
  • Pure Design
  • Rim’s Cleaners
  • South Square Market
  • South Square Paint & Hardware
  • Woven Treasures